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Akurey’s seamless switch to twin-rigging


Fresher trawler Akurey has completed its second trip since a refit in which a third trawl winch and an additional set of sweepline winches were installed on board.

Better catch values, efficiency and safety with QuickLines


‘I’m very satisfied, and if anything, the results are beyond anything I had expected. Catch quality is better and the crew are quicker hauling and shooting than before.

Blue Army and Hampiðjan join forces


A co-operation agreement on clearing waste from Iceland’s beaches has been struck between Hampiðjan and the Blue Army.

Hampiðjan adds more experience


Jónas Thór Friðriksson has been appointed sales manager for Hampiðjan’s ropes and netting.

New netloft running at full speed


Hampiðjan’s magnificent new netloft in Neskaupstaður where work started on 23rd January this year is already a hive of activity.

Joining the Hampiðjan team – and sticking with tradition


Einar Pétur Bjargmundsson has been appointed Hampiðjan Ísland’s fishing gear sales manager, working alongside skipper Kristinn Gestsson and master fishing gear technologist Magnús Guðlaugsson.

Hampiðjan moves into new net loft in Neskaupstaður


‘A complete transformation of our working facilities.’
‘It might sound like a cliché, but the fact is that this new building represents a huge improvement.

Prima rope and netting


Two years ago we developed a new variety of super-rope under the Prima brand, and this has been welcomed by our customers as its popularity has grown rapidly.

Tanks visits are a key event


Flume tank trips becoming increasingly important, according to Hampiðjan’s Jón Oddur Davíðsson, commenting on the recent annual trip to Hirtshals

New catalogue and online sales


Hampiðjan’s catalogue of products for fishing and fishing gear production has never been broader than it is today, with many new products that have been developed in recent months.

Flume tank session held in Hirtshals


Hampiðjan Iceland's annual gathering at the North Sea Centre’s flume tank in Hirtshals is approaching fast.

Jagger – new demersal trawl design from Hampiðjan


A new version of the 88.40 metre Bacalao trawl that incorporates some key innovations has been performing well recently.

800-tonne first tow in brand-new Gloria trawl


‘This was our first tow with the new trawl and we certainly didn’t get off to a bad start. The flow of fish into the gear was so rapid that we only managed to tow for an hour, and when we hauled there were 800 tonnes in there,’ said Gísli Runólfsson, skipper of Bjarni Ólafsson, after he and his crew had one of the largest hauls of herring ever seen in Iceland for an hour’s tow.

Fantastic all-round bottom trawl


‘An all-round, low-maintenance trawl that catches well,’ said Víðir Jónsson, skipper of Kleifaberg, describing the T90 Hemmer trawl supplied by master netmaker Hermann H Guðmundsson and his team at Hampiðjan Akureyri.

Delighted with split codend


‘We have been using  this split codend from Hampiðjan since the spring and it has worked extremely well for us. The fish are alive and kicking as they drop down into the pounds where they are bled immediately.



Akurey’s skipper Eiríkur Jónsson has worked extensively with Hampiðjan’s fishing gear designers to come up with more efficient fishing gear, and Akurey has seen a number of new rigs on the deck.

Love at first sight


‘We’re really impressed with these new doors, and after testing them, both of us are convinced that we need to keep these. After a discussion with the company, the decision was taken to purchase the doors, so they’re staying with us,’

T90 codends on DynIce Quicklines perform well


‘Our experience of the T90 mackerel codend rigged on DynIce Quicklines has been very good and that applies to our fishing on both mackerel and herring.

All the fish come on board alive.


‘We got these new four-panel split codends in the autumn. Our experience with these has been very good. We used this type of codend a long time ago, but it was in 2013 that we first had this kind of codend in T90 netting.

Gloria trawls have served us well


‘It was probably in 1999 that we started to use Gloria trawls for fishing pelagic species and now we have four variant of this kind of trawl in our armoury of fishing gear.

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