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Cosmos Trawl builds new netloft in Skagen


Cosmos Trawl is set to bolster its operations with the introduction of a new netloft facility in Denmark.

The company aims to enhance its production and repair capabilities and enhance the capability to service ships arriving at the port of Skagen, renowned as one of the largest pelagic ports in Europe.

The new netloft boasts a total area of 4.800 square meters, with a dedicated administration space of 330 square meters. Scheduled for completion by this summer, Cosmos Trawl plans to commence operations in the facility in August. The new building will be equipped with six large winches for pelagic trawls situated on the floor, facilitating efficient trawl production and repair tasks. Among its key features is the location on the harbor which offers the convenience of direct spooling from vessels, streamlining operational processes.

Standing at a height of 9 meters, the interior of the netloft will feature modern overhead winch blocks and cranes, aimed at optimizing production and repair operations for trawls and codends.

Michael Lassen, CEO of Cosmos Trawl, expressed optimism about the impact of the new facility, stating, "The new netloft will be larger and better equipped than the old one in Skagen. This will provide advantages for our employees and for Cosmos Trawl, allowing us to handle larger trawls and improving efficiency in building new trawls and codends, supporting our growth strategy in Denmark."

The introduction of the new netloft marks a milestone for Cosmos Trawl as it seeks to bolster its operational capabilities and strengthen its position in the industry. With its strategic location and advanced amenities, the facility is poised to contribute to the company's continued growth and success.

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