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Hampidjan Danish subsidiary at DanFish International


Hampidjan Danish subsidiary at DanFish International

DanFish International, the fisheries exhibition held every second year in the Danish city of Aalborg, takes place this year from the 9th to the 11th of October in the Aalborg Kongres & Kultur Center. This is the 23rd exhibition of its kind since 1974 and virtually every one of these has been attended by Hampidjan or one of the companies within the Hampidjan Group. On this occasion Cosmos Trawl, Hampidjan’s Danish subsidiary, will be among the exhibitors and Cosmos staff will be there alongside staff from Iceland to show what the Hampidjan Group as a whole has to offer.
‘DanFish is an excellent show and it’s a perfect platform for any company that manufactures equipment for the fishing industry,’ commented Cosmos Trawl’s managing director Haraldur Árnason, adding that they are making a special effort to promote the advantages the Dynice Warps have to offer.
‘Dynice Warps and the Dynice Data sounder cable have been in constant development over the last couple of years and the responses we have from the industry have been extremely positive. We have supplied Dynice Warps to more than a hundred trawlers now and we have a unanimous opinion that Dynice Warps area more economic option than conventional steel wire trawl warps. They are lighter to tow than standard wire warps, which reduces fuel costs. On top of everything else, these warps are much easier and safer for the crew to to handle, plus they have the huge advantage of having a working lifetime of five times that of standard steel wire warps,’ he said.

Cosmos Trawl can be found on stand D871 at DanFish International in Aalborg.

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