About Cosmos Trawl

The history behind today’s Cosmos Trawl goes all the way back to 1879, when the first netloft was established in Skagen, Denmark. However, the real milestone was in 1989 when three of Europe’s leading net companies (Hirtshals Trawl – IC Trawl – Swan Net) decided to join forces and merge under the name of Cosmos Trawl. Later on, in 2000, Cosmos Trawl became part of the international Hampidjan Group. Cosmos Trawl is today recognised as Denmark’s largest and oldest net maker company, with large production facilities in both Hirtshals and Skagen. In the Hirtshals division, where also the head office and administration is located, Cosmos Trawl produces its famous bottom and shrimp trawls, aquaculture cages and purse seines. In the Skagen division, Cosmos Trawl is mainly engaged in midwater trawl for both single boat and pair trawling. Products are mainly sold in Scandinavia and the North Atlantic, but Cosmos Trawl has clients as far away as South America, Asia and the Far East of Russia.

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