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Hampiðjan the Expertise Company 2021


The Association of Business Managers and Economists (FVH) each year holds an event known as the Expertise Day, which is a blend of a conference and an awards ceremony. This is where the selection takes place for the business manager or the economist of the year, along with the Expertise company of the year.  The theme of the event varies from year to year, and this year’s was ‘Innovation in Established Business.’
The judging panel consists of prominent persons from academia and industry, along with representatives of FVH. This year there were eight nominated companies and the panel selected Hampiðjan as the Expertise Company 2021 and Central Bank director Ásgeir Jónsson as economist of the year.
President of Iceland, Gudni Th Johannesson, made the presentations to CEO Hjörtur Erlendsson and Ásgeir Jónsson at a formal event in the main hall at Nauthol, which was sparsely attended on account of current restrictions on gatherings.
We at Hampiðjan are proud to have been nominated and to have been awarded the FVH Expertise Award and see this as a confirmation that we are on the right course in developing new products and new processes that are to the advantage of the seafood industry around the world in making their activities more environmentally friendly, efficient and better.

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