With Hampidjan Group’s network of highly recognised companies, we can offer a professional
consultancy service and deliver wherever the customer prefers.
In the North Atlantic our group have a strong service network stretching from Iceland to the Baltic,
providing top-quality service in some of the most important fishery harbours in northern Europe,
including Reykjavik in Iceland, Killybegs in Ireland, Fraserburgh in Scotland, Lerwick in Shetland,
Faroe Islands, Hirtshals and Skagen in Denmark, Kaskö in Finland and Bergen in Norway.
In the rest of the world the Hampidjan Group have own service divisions in West and East Coast
USA, in Newfoundland/Canada, in Walvis Bay/Namibia, in Port Nelson/New Zealand, as well as through a long list of agents and external service partners in some of the major fishery nations.
Each of our service divisions around the world is a significant resource of knowledge covering
fishing technology, information on stocks and ground conditions – vital information for any fishing
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