Individual vessels with different horse powers/bollard pull, different size/type trawl doors,
different deck layouts, and different fishing requirements, call for different solutions.
In Cosmos we design according to individual requirements to ensure that each and every
product leaving our factories gives top performance and maximum return.
We supply nets and gear for all fisheries, complete systems or packages; everything
required for fishing from the warps right down to the cod-end.
Among our famous equipment: 

  • Shrimp Trawls
  • Groundfish Trawls
  • Multi-rig Systems
  • Semi-pelagic Trawls
  • Midwater Trawls
  • Self-Spreading Trawls
  • Purse Seines
  • Aquaculture Cages
  • Stores 

All products are backed up by a unique consultancy and after-sales service.
Beside our main product line for the fishing industry, we also deliver: 

  • Sport nets
  • Covering nets for all purposes