In Cosmos we are able to supply total package solutions, which naturally means that we always
carry comprehensive stocks of stores and equipment such as: 

  • Netting and twine for trawling, purse seining and fish farming
  • Steel wire ropes and bridles
  • All types of ropes (Danline, Nylon, Seine Net ropes etc.)
  • Ironware, such as chain, shackles, thimbles, rings, etc.
  • Rockhopper discs and steel bobbins
  • Floats and buoys
  • Sorting grids 

Through our link to the Hampidjan Group, we also have first priority access to stocks of Poly-Ice
trawl doors – in most sizes and for all fisheries. For more information on our range of trawl doors,
please visit:
If storage of your trawl gear or purse seine is required, Cosmos has its own secure silos, containers
and under-roof warehouse facilities available for safely coverage.