Aquaculture cages
Cosmos has plenty of experience when it comes to breeding boxes for the fish farming
industry, both for land-based systems and open-sea systems.
Our main market is Scandinavia, but our aquaculture cages has over the years been sold to
several export markets in the EU and as far away as Canada and West Africa.
The combination of experience, craftsmanship, the latest technology and in-house netting
manufaction enables us to supply high quality products to competitive prices.
Close collaboration with our customers is also here a key-word, to tailor our cages so they
meet precise individual needs - obtaining the optimal solution every time.
Beside our main product, the net cages, Cosmos also produces anti-bird nets and predator
nets, and naturally holds stocks of ropes, shackles and buoys. Floating frames and mooring
equipment can be supplied upon special request.