Self-spreading Trawls
As part of the Hampidjan Group, Cosmos holds a production licence for the Self-spreading
Technology, and during the recent years the Gloria Helix midwater trawls have proven very
efficient on pelagic trawlers in Scandinavia and in the North Atlantic targeting Herring, Mackerel
and Blue Whiting.
The new technology involves using a special technique to produce the Helix ropes, which are
then arranged in the trawl in a specific pattern. The physical characteristics automatically spread
the meshes. Spreading caused the meshes to stretch and move much less in the water, boosting
the trawl volume all the way back to the cod-end.
Clients using the Gloria Helix trawls, have pointed the following advantages: 

  • Improved catch efficiency (especially when the fish are spread).
  • Easy to shoot and haul (no twists etc.).
  • Easy to tow (can tow faster or save fuel).
  • Trawl keeps its shape in turns and in heavy currents.
  • Clear and steady image of opening on sonar.
  • High quality materials are securing minimum maintenance and a long lifetime. 

For more information on the Self-spreading Technology: