Midwater Trawls
Ever since the technique of midwater trawling began in the 1940’s, Cosmos and the Hampidjan Group
have played a leading role in the development of pelagic trawl for single-boat and pair trawling.
With a wide range of trawl designs for species such as Herring, Mackerel, Blue Whiting, Red Fish,
Alaskan Pollock, Sardinella, Hoki and Krill, and most recently our investment in the world-patented
Self-Spreading technology, the Hampidjan Group is recognised world leaders in this field.
Among our most famous midwater trawl models are:
Gloria Midwater Trawl.
The Gloria trawl model is developed by Hampidjan’s top designer Guðmundur Gunnarsson, and is
today recognised as the frontier in large mesh midwater trawls. The Gloria trawl is made in various
versions for different fisheries and fishing grounds – using different materials from more regular
materials such as Nylon and Danline, to Hampidjan’s own PE/PA, Nylex and Helix ropes.
Turbo Midwater Trawl.
This model has a design that incorporates a mixture of ropes and large meshes giving maximum
opening with the low towing resistance. The design gives a unique opening further out in the belly
than seen in more “traditional” designs. The Turbo midwater trawl is used for both single-boat as
well as pair trawling, and is ideal for catching many different kinds of species both pelagic and on
the bottom. The trawl is made for vessels with 500 hp and up.
Finfly “Champ” Midwater Trawl.
This model is a high opening design with large meshes in the forepart. Build very light for single boat
trawling, for various pelagic species. Has been supplied in several sizes from 850 up to 3850 feet.
For our midwater trawls, we recommend Dyneema ropes for backstrops, bridles and sweeplines.