Multi-rig Systems
More than 20 years ago Danish fishermen, with assistance from the Danish Fisheries Institute
developed the three-warp, twin rig system, which showed significant results compared to towing
a single trawl. This development is today recognised as one of the most significant developments
in Demersal fisheries.
In the year 2000 Cosmos presented the next step within multi-rig fishing, when launching the triple
trawl system for larger deep sea shrimp trawlers. The objective was to increase the bottom coverage
by closing the gab between the two twin-rig trawls.
The recent years there has been a great driving force to increase the efficiency of multi-rig systems.
Onboard smaller and medium size vessels targeting species situated close or hand on the bottom
such as prawn, shrimp, flat fish etc. the latest trend is using four up to eight trawls systems.
If implementing the multi-rig system on new fishing grounds and markets, Cosmos can contract out
experienced skippers and trawl technicians to secure optimal return on investment.