Groundfish Trawls
Cosmos offers an extensive range of groundfish trawls for both consumption and industrial fisheries,
for example for Whitefish, Flatfish and Lobster. We also supply trawl with several different rigging
systems for fishing with single or multi-rig systems.
Our bottom trawls work with optimum efficiency at various bottom conditions, and ensure effective
fishing both at great depths and in shallow waters.
Cosmos Combi Trawl.
Widebody trawl model suitable for many bottom species and combination fisheries, such as Flatfish,
Whitefish, Lobster, Shrimps etc.
"Cosmos 3000" Trawl.
Is a widebody trawl made as a modernisation of the old Bacalao trawl. The “Cosmos 3000” implements
some of the latest trends within modern fishing gear technology, among others T90 netting in the aft
part of the belly as well as in the intermediate. This trawl has proven very efficient and with low main-
tenance when fishing in Canadian waters and on Flemish Cap targeting Greenland Halibut.
Cosmos Eco3 trawl.
High lift trawl model, suitable when a high vertical opening is required for different bottom and pelagic
species. Made with 3 bridles (* can also be supplied with 2 bridles), and a very small lower panel
making the model easy for repair works and therefore suitable for rough fishing grounds.
Danish seine (Snurrevod).
Old type of fishing for Flatfish and Whitefish with small vessels, using a small trawl (without trawl doors)
and long warps. Cosmos both supplies the seine net, as well as Hampidjan’s high quality "Glacier" seine
net rope.
For our groundfish trawls, we recommend netting from Hampidjan: