Shrimp Trawls
Cosmos has many years of experience in producing shrimp trawls, and has kept abreast of
developments in this field ever since deep sea shrimp fishing began in Greenland in the early
1970’s. This explains why our shrimp gear is second-to-none.
The shrimp trawls we produce have all been subjected to ongoing testing in the flume tank in
Hirtshals and following been tested at sea by recognised shrimp trawlers.
Today we break down the different shrimp trawl models into categories:

Standard shrimp trawl
Could be a model like our famous “Cosmos 2000” design. This is an all-round design, suitable
for all bottom conditions, even very bad ones. This trawl is normally used when a good vertical
opening is required, and both for single, double and triple rig. 
Widebody shrimp trawl
Could be a model like the “Cosmos 2004”, “Cosmos 2005”, “Cosmos 2006” and “Cosmos 2008”
designs. The characteristics of these models are that they have a wider spread than traditional
trawls of equal size. Due to this, they are very suitable for areas where the shrimps are located
close to the bottom and where bottom coverage is the main objective. 
High opening shrimp trawl
Could be a model like our “Cosmos Economy” designs. This type of trawl is suitable for night
fishing and areas where the shrimps are lifting high off the bottom. This model can both be
supplied in a 2 and 3 bridle version.
For more info on our shrimp trawls, please visit following link:
In addition to these international type shrimp trawls for larger trawlers, Cosmos also supplies
Shrimp trawl models for local waters and smaller and medium size vessels as for example: 
Fladen shrimp trawl
Trawl with focus on spread over height, suitable for fishing when the Shrimps are standing
close to the bottom, and for soft bottom conditions. The trawl has been used widely in Skagerak
and on Fladen ground etc. 
Grenadia shrimp trawl
High opening trawl design, with large meshes in forepart. Is used mainly on soft grounds and
in Skagerak waters.
To complete our range of equipment for the shrimp fleet, Cosmos has, in close collaboration
with shrimp pioneer company “Ocean Prawns A/S”, developed a nylon sorting grid, combing
the qualities from other old-type grid types.
The Cosmos nylon grid has proven following the advantages: 

  • The grid is very light and easy to handle
  • An important precaution for the deck crew
  • No problems with twisting when shooting the gear
  • The drop shaped bars optimise waterflow through the grid
  • Economical to maintain, and has a long lifetime 

For more info on the Cosmos grid, please see following link: