October 12th 2015.

August 21st 2015 - New Nordsø Trawl building.

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June 27th 2015 - 2 new shrimp trawls for Hopen.


May 15th 2015 - new Tobis Helix trawls for S.264


November 20th 2013 - another complete rigging - this time for GG.204 "Tor-Ön"

This week Cosmos Trawl could supply yet another pair of our extremely popular trawls for Sweden/Finland. This time GG.204 "Tor-Ön" was rigged with two complete 2950 feet trawls, model Cosmos-Combi, with codends and one set of new Thyborøn trawl doors.
We wish "Tor-Ön" and crew all the best of luck with their new trawls when going fishing for Baltic Herring and Sprats in the Botten Sea between Sweden and Finland.
If you are interested in more information about our trawls please contact our sales manager Arne Olesen - 

September 22nd 2013 - new link to Hampidjan Group update.

May 11. New Management in Cosmos.

As of 2nd of May Haraldur Árnason has been recruited as new Managing Director of Cosmos Trawl A/S.

Haraldur began his career as netmaker at Hirtshals Trawl (now Cosmos) back in 1979. Following Haraldur took a Captain examination at Skagen Skipperskole, and continued as mate onboard Danish purse seiner "Isafold" and various Icelandic and foreign trawlers for some years. In 1995 Haraldur started working for Hampidjan in Iceland, and in 1997 he was stationed as General Manager of Hampidjan New Zealand until 2000. For the last 10 years Haraldur has been the Director of Sales and Marketing of Hampidjan Fishing Gear Department in Iceland, which position he will continue to serve too.

Nov. 10. Gloria Helix Self-Spreading trawls - Latest comments from sea!

"That we buy our 2nd Helix Herring/Mackerel trawl within one year, probably explains best what we think of this type of trawl as well as the service from Cosmos. The trawl is easy to work with, optimal overview with the colour codes, and fishes well". Capt. Ole Nattestad, RUTH.

"Our Helix Multi-Mill has been great since day one! The lightness of the trawl is very suitable for Sand eel. Easy to shoot and haul, excellent material quality and catch efficiency". Capt. Bryngelsson, STELLA NOVA.

"After fine tuning of our Helix Multi-Mill the trawl was great. Extremely strong and good catch. This is the right way forward. Very satisfied with both our Herring and Sand eel nets". Capt. Frode Larsen, STROMBOLI.

Oct. 10. New Production Manager at Cosmos Skagen.

Flemming Larsen, who has been working with Cosmos in Hirtshals for the passed 22 years (the last years as assistant production manager), has been appointed new Production Manager in the Skagen division.

We would like to use the opportunity to wish Flemming best of luck in this new position, and thank our former manager Christian "Krenner" Thomsen for his time in Cosmos, and wish him good luck in his new position at Skagen Lossekompagni.

Flemming can be contacted on: +45 98454626 (direct), +45 21846880 (mobile) and on e-mail:

Aug. 10. Meet Cosmos at Nor-Fishing 2010 (August 17-20th) on Stand D-358 in Trondheim. 

Cosmos will be using the World's oldest fishing exhibition to showcase some of the latest developments: 
- Cosmos shrimp trawls, for single and multi-rig fishing.
- Separator grid and new ideas on the traditional Cosmos nylon grid.
- Semi-pelagic Whitefish trawls.
- NEW type Self-Spreading Helix trawls for Sand eel and Boarfish.
- High quality and price competitive Herring/Mackerel and Capelin seines.

For more info or to pre-book a meeting, please contact Thorleif Grønkjær on +45 29997445 or by mail:

Jun. 10. Seminar/Workshop held on Modern Fishing Equipment on June 26.

SRL Cosmos Trawl Ltd. organised a Seminar & Workshop in Chittagong to highlight latest news and developments about modern fishing gear, fish finding equipment, onboard handling equipment, processing equipment, ship designing and other related accessories.

Mr. Abdul Latif Biswas, Minister of Fisheries & Livestock stressed the need for modern fishing technology to further raise potentialility of fish resources in the deep sea, while inaugurating the daylong seminar.

The seminar was attended by other Scandinavian companies: AS Scan, CC Jensen, Cosmos Trawl, KM Fish, Kølemadsen, Simrad and SkipaSýn, where more than 250 fishermen was present.

Jun. 10. Cosmos congratulates owners and crew onboard new STROMBOLI.

Cosmos would like to congratulate Frode and Kristian Larsen with new 

We are proud to having supplied all fishing gear package, and wish succesful fishing!

May 09. Cosmos trawl package to new HG 306 "TOBIS".

Cosmos would like to congratulate Kjærsgaard Hirtshals A/S - brothers John and Niels Kjærsgaard, with the new and fine vessel.

We are proud to having supplied all trawl gear package, and wish successful fishing.

For more information please contact Production Manager Thorleif Grønkjær (, and for more vessel specs, please visit:

Apr. 09. Boom in Cosmos shrimp trawls.

Ever since deep sea shrimping began West of Greenland in the early 1970's, Cosmos has kept abreast in developing efficient shrimp trawls.

Despite difficult times for the Industry in recent years, Cosmos is presently seeing a boom in orders for the companies range of shrimp trawls, coming from customers in Canada, Greenland, Norway and as far aways as Russia Far East.

Cosmos shrimp trawls, second-to-none!


Feb. 09. Helix trawls showing impressive results in Morocco!

Yet another Helix trawl from Cosmos has been ordered for Swedish fishermen operating out of Morocco.

During the last years the Helix trawls have already proven second-to-none on pair trawling, latest using the 1024m circ. Helix trawls. But recently the smaller 922m circ. Helix has also been tried out as single trawling with very impressive results leading to this new order, Leif Lykke reports.

With the recent success also on single trawling, Cosmos hope to service even more vessels fishing in Moroccan waters with its famous Helix Self-spreading trawls.

Nov. 08. FinFly Combi a "hit" among smaller trawlers targeting Sprat in the Baltic Sea.

East of Gothland and in the Gulf of Finland, smaller size trawlers of about 500 HP are seeing good results using the Cosmos "Finfly Combi" for Sprat.

Following vessels from Finland and Sweden are already using the Cosmos trawl, and recently inquiries are also coming from other Baltic countries, where the word also has spread. 

VY222 "MICADON" - VK190 "SCANØ".

The Finfly Combi model is an all-round trawl for bottom and semi-pelagic fisheries, and has been supplied in sizes from 750 up to 2650 feet.

For more info, please contact Area Sales Manager Arne F. Olesen -

Sep. 08. New Helix trawl for Denmark's largest purse/trawler.

Latest reference for the more and more popular Helix Self-spreading trawls is Denmark's largest purse/trawler HG 333 "Isafold".

Cosmos wish Niels Jensen & Co., skipper Karsten Mølgaard and crew successful fishing!

Aug. 08. Cosmos package supply for new "Nicoline".

Cosmos would like to congratulate Peter Hejlesen and crew with the new HG 139 "Nicoline".

We are proud to once again having supplied you with our complete Sputnik-Granadia shrimp trawl package, and wish you good fishing!

Jun. 08. New Viking Xstream trawl doors lower your fuel cost.

With the newly developed "free-flow slot" system, the new Viking Xstream high efficient bottom trawl doors from Poly-Ice is claimed to give following advantages:

- 15-20% more spreading force
- 10-15% lighter to tow
- Unique stability under trawling and turning

For more info, please contact our sales team.

Feb. 08. Invitation to Cosmos Sand ell flume tank workshop.

On Monday, February 11th 2008 Cosmos will be inviting Sand eel fishermen to the Sintef flume tank in Hirtshals to present it's latest two trawl models; the "Cosmos Multi-Mill" and the "Cosmos Vendelbo".

The programme will start at 10.00 testing the companies two top models as per requests of the particating captains, and end up with a lunch at the netloft round 14.00 hrs.

For registration please contact:
Arne Olesen - mobil: +45 20222571,
Leif Lykke - mobil: +45 40286133,

Nov. 07. Helix trawls "fit for fight" for the Baltic Sea Fishery.

The Self-Spreading Gloria Helix midwater trawls have already proven second-to-none on Herring and Mackerel fisheries in Skagerak and the North Sea, and after the first trials in the Baltic Sea our customers are reporting same positive results.

"The trawl fishes better, reacts very easy and is much easier to tow".

With these first results, it gives us high expectations that the Helix trawls will take completely over from our old best-seller, the Turbo-trawl, which also were used for a mixture of fisheries and fishing grounds, Cosmos Skagen sales manager Leif Lykke ends.

Nov. 07. Cosmos gear package for new "Strømegg".

Cosmos would like to congratulate the Skagerak Group, Skipper and Crew with the new purse/trawler "Strømegg".

We are very proud to be your preferred supplier of both the purse seine and the complete trawl package - and wishes best of luck with the new vessel, as well as good fishing!

Nov. 07. Hampidjan Flume Tank Workshop (11-14/12-07).

For several years now, Hampidjan has organised a Flume Tank Workshop during the first part of December, with up to 80 participants from most parts of the world.

The main emphasis on this years flume tank workshop in Hirtshals, will beside different types of midwater and bottom trawls, be on new and interesting Things in trawling, T-90 technology, as well as the latest developments from Poly-Ice such as the OpeX and new Apollo Superior trawl doors.

For registration and more information on programme and prices, please contact members of the Hampidjan Group before November 10th 2007.

Aug. 07. Cosmos sales team visiting Hampidjan Baltic.

In order to be updated and educated in the some of the latest Hampidjan product developments, Cosmos sales team made a field study to the impressive factory in Lithuania.

Picture is showing the Cosmos sales team together with Hampidjan sales representative Anna Nielsen and Managing Director of Hampidjan Baltic, Hjörtur Erlendsson. 

Jul. 07. Skagen production manager retires after 41 years in Cosmos. 

After 41 years in the company, Preben Christensen, our production manager in Skagen has decided to retire.
We would like to use this opportunity to thank Preben for the many years, his contribution to our success, and naturally wish him all the best in the future. 
Christian “Krenner” Thomsen, who previously have been the assistant of Preben, will take over as production manager and head the division on day-to-day business together with sales manager Leif Lykke.


Jun. 07. Yet another Helix trawl for Morocco.

Cosmos has just shipped another self-spreading midwater trawl to one of the Swedish fishermen operating in Morrocco.

This time the sale is for a new vessel named "Aldo", tells Leif Lykke of Cosmos Skagen.

During the last couple of years our 820m and 922m circ. Gloria Helix trawls have proven very efficient in Morrocco. The trawl with it's ultra-light Helix ropes and belly is much easier to tow than other trawls, and this really means a difference, concludes Leif Lykke.

Mar. 07. 4th season Turbot fishing with new “Cosmos 3000” trawls. 
Canadian factory trawler “Newfoundland Lynx” is presently on the fourth season of Turbot (Greenland Halibut), and so far there has only been three splits in the trawls, reports skipper Darryl Kelly.
“We still feel that the trawls are catching real good”, so we have surely picked a great combination of gear from you guys” capt. Kelly ends.
The “Cosmos 3000” model is a new four panel widebody design, which among others incorporates T90 netting. The new design aspects have resulted in a trawl which is giving far more horizontal spread and bottom coverage, and improved waterflow, minimum turbulence and much lager entrance area to the cod-end than other traditional groundfish trawl designs seen on the market.

Nov. 06. Cosmos introduces new “Cosmos 2008” economy shrimp trawl.
The new “Cosmos 2008” is a successor to the company’s line of wide body shrimp trawls. This time though with extra focus on fuel efficiency as the new model is made with larger meshes in all top panel.
First results from Norwegian Triple trawl pioneer “Remøy Viking” are very positive. The new model is giving more spread than comparable designs, and at the same time also a higher vertical opening. The larger meshes in the top panel is showing no loss in catch rates, which again underlines the latest observations that shrimp, as they are caught, stay relatively close to the lower panel on their way down to the cod-end.
Following Norwegian “Remøy” has ordered trawls of similar type. 

Oct. 06. New “Cattleya” takes complete package from Cosmos. 
The new pelagic purse/trawler E349 “Cattleya” delivered from the Karstensens yard in Skagen will use both purse seine and midwater trawl gear from Cosmos.
Due to the long history in Cosmos servicing the Danish purse seine fleet, and the growing success with the Gloria Helix trawls were the main factors when skipper-owner Flemming Pedersen decedided to place the complete package order for his new vessel with Cosmos.
The ordered purse seine for Herring and Mackerel fishing has a size of 360.5 x 105 fathoms, and the trawl package consists of one 1024m Gloria Helix midwater trawl, a set of 11m² Poly-Ice Apollo doors, complete               with cod-end, backstrops and bridles as well as trawl wire.  

Sep. 06. Shorter trips, and 100 litres less fuel per hour.
After 10 months use, skipper Fridi Magnusen of “Strømfjord” (Skagerak Group) mailed an statement to Cosmos about his experience using his 1024m Gloria Helix trawl. Five main topics were emphasized:
- When we are fishing with other vessels, we are always satisfied with the
  catch efficiencty of our Helix trawl.
- With the Helix trawl we are much quicker to shoot and haul the gear,
  because we see no twists as before when using more “traditional” trawls.
  This makes life much easier for the deck crew.
- Today we are using 100 litres less fuel per hour than with our old models.
  With the increased catch efficiency, our fishing hours per trip are also
  shorter, making the overall fuel savings rather significant.
- Because of the light handling of the Helix trawl, we “hit” the Herring
  shoals much better than previously. In addition we can today use shorter
  warps, and during turns the trawl keep its shape remarkable well.
- Even though we mostly are using the trawl on the bottom, we see no
  visible sign of wear and tear. The trawl is very strong.   

Aug. 06. More orders on Self-Spreading trawls.
Continuing good results over the last seasons is making the Gloria Helix Self-Spreading trawls more and more popular, recently with several new orders for Swedish pair-trawlers “Ginneton”, “Nimber”, “Carmona”, “Odeskär”, "Danö", “Sunnanland” and “Rigel”.
The new orders are all for Herring and Mackerel fisheries, for fishing in the North Sea, Skagerak and the Norwegian Sea – and the trawl size of these orders are from 870m up to 1024m circ.
With this increased attention, Cosmos has high expectations for future sales all over Scandinavia to manifest the already leading position on the market. 

Mar. 06. New "Silva" carries trawl package from Cosmos.

Hellstrøm Fisk of Kaskö Finland recently got their new "Silva" delivered from Karstensens Shipyard in Skagen, and once again the trawl package is supplied from Cosmos.

The relationship between Cosmos and the Hellstrøm brothers goes back 25 years, and during this period Cosmos has supplied all their 7 vessels, so this is surely a flag ship for our trawl gear, says Area Sales Manager Arne Olesen of Cosmos.

We congratulate Ralf and Mats with this new fine vessel, and look forward to continue our most valuable collaboration.

Nov. 05. Cosmos trawl package to Portugal’s new flagship. 
Cosmos has recently delivered the prestigious order contract on trawl gear for Miradouro’s new freezer stern trawler “França Morte”.
A second-to-none history in supplying shrimp trawls to leading shrimpers
in the Barents Sea and the North Atlantic, combined with the promising results of the new “Cosmos 3000”, was the reason why Sociedade de Pesca Miradouro S.A. went to Cosmos and Hampidjan Group for new gear.
The delivery compromises complete 2500 mesh “Cosmos 2005” WB shrimp trawls, 472 mesh “Cosmos 3000” groundfish trawls and two sets of 12m² Poly-Ice Viking B doors.    

Apr. 05. Full package order for Indian Research Vessel.

The Indian National Centre for Antartic and Ocean Research turned to Cosmos for new fishing gear equipment for it's Research Vessel FORV "Sagar Sampada". Same vessel was built for the Indian Government at Dannebrog Shipyard back in 1984, and also back then Cosmos (at that time Hirtshals Trawl, HVT) delivered the full trawl package.

The new trawl package consists of two complete sets of Cosmos bottom prawn trawls, one complete Gloria Triumph Self-Spreading trawl, as well as two sets of Poly-Ice "El Cazador" trawl doors. 

Picture is showing part of the trawl package before being loaded into the 40' container bound for the Indian Ocean.

Mar. 04. Cosmos receives business award.
Having been an important player to the development of the harbour in Hirtshals ever since 1941, and a company who has put Hirtshals on the world map within fishing, Cosmos received the 2003 business award by major Knud Størup during the cities annual celebration. 

Aug. 03. You’re never far from our North-Atlantic Network.

We in the Hampidjan Group of companies are pleased to introduce to you our new service network, stretching from Iceland to the Baltic, and providing top-quality service in many major fishing centres. We believe that this development will have positive implications for your fishing operations.
Along with Hampidjan of Iceland, the Hampidjan Group of companies now includes the two European netmaking giants, Swan Net-Gundry of Ireland and Cosmos Trawl of Denmark.
Our North Atlantic Network comprises an impressive list of net lofts and service centers in some of the most important fishery harbours in northern Europe, among others Reykjavik in Iceland, Killybegs in Ireland, Fraserburgh in Scotland, Lerwick in Shetland, Hirtshals and Skagen in Denmark, Kaskö in Finland and Bergen in Norway.
Besides being able to offer a wide range of pelagic gear, such as Gloria Self-Spreading trawls, Swan Net midwater trawls, Cosmos trawls and purse seines, we can now also provide a back-up service over a very wide area.
And there is much more on offer at the new Hampidjan Group service centres. Each one is a significant resource of knowledge concerning fishing technology, information on stocks and ground conditions - vital information for any fishing operation.  

Feb. 02. Cosmos invests in production license for Self-Spreading trawls.
Cosmos has recently bought a license for being able to manufacture the world patented Self-Spreading trawls at the netlofts in Denmark. Similar license has been given to Hampidjan on Iceland and Swan Net-Gundry in Ireland.
The Self-Spreading Technology is developed by scientists specialising in hydro-dynamics and fish behaviour, and will clearly open new opportunities for midwater trawl design.